Many of our customers have specific questions about our professional maid services. Here are just a few of the frequently asked questions we hear at Our Company.

How does 509 TRACK HGT200021X GPS TRACKER Work?

After installation, our tracking devices pick up signals from the Global Positioning System  satellite orbiting the Earth. These signals reveal the exact location of your assets and vehicles with the geographical coordinates.

This location beams on a map, clearly showing you every motion as your vehicles go about.

Can I monitor drivers behaviors with the GPS Tracker?

Yes. With our intelligent tracking, you can track the speed of every vehicle as well as the driver’s behaviors on traffic.

Do I need to install the trackers myself?

Our expert technicians with 25+ years of combined experience are always available to help with the installation process.

Will I be charged for installation?

There are no additional charges for using our products. The price of the device and your annual subscription is all you need to pay. No hidden charges. No nonsense.

What can I track?

You can keep track of everything as they happen, including the speed, mileage, driving duration, precise location, driver’s details, schedules, overtimes, and more.

When do I get alerts?

Because we respect your need to focus on running your business, you will receive only important alerts including when device disconnected/connected, overspeeding, at first start of the day, low vehicle fuel, overheating, maintenance reminder, etc.

How does the GPS Tracker Pay for itself?

By using 509TRACK T88 GPS TRACKER, you increase efficiency and reduce the hours of work required to track vehicle usage, fueling, and all the information that the trackers monitor. By simply saving you one hour of overtime work per month, our GPS tracking device would be paying for itself and saves you more.

How much is the device?

We have various tracking devices that serve different purposes. Check out our store to find the one that suits your needs.